Laurent Gutmann

After studying philosophy, he got his training at École de Chaillot with A.Vitez. In 2002, he was awarded the Villa Medicis Hors les murs prize. From 2004 to 2009, he directed the CDN at Thionville-Lorraine. In 2009, he created his troupe La Dissipation des brumes matinales, supported by the French Department of artistic creation – Ministry of Culture. He is an associate artist of the Granit Theatre in Belfort. He recently wrote and directed Victor F based on Frankenstein (2015), Zohar ou la carte mémoire (2015), Le Prince (tous les hommes sont méchants) based on Machiavel (2014), La Putain de l’Ohio by H. Levin (2012), Le Petit Poucet by Ch. Perrault (Ed. Lansmann, 2012), Pornographie by S. Stephens (2010), Le Cerceau by V. Slavkine (2009), Je suis tombé based on Au-dessous du volcan de M. Lowry (2008), Chants d’Adieu by O. Hirata (2007).

De la démocratie

Le Prince (tous les hommes sont méchants)

Victor F

Le Petit Poucet

Le Cerceau